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Featured Poem - A Little Poem

Well I wrote a little poem and
it was published in a book
And I proudly said to everyone
"You must go and have a look"
Some rushed out to buy it
but others they did not
Some of those who read it said
"We just couldn't get the plot!"
I thought I'd sit and write another one
to see what they would say
Some said that it was brilliant
- others said "It's just O.K."
It's when I'm feeling lonely
or just a little blue
That I write a little poem just
to make a smile shine through'
Cos its hard to write a little poem
from an idea in your head
And to try to keep it rhyming with
every word that’s said
When next I write a little poem
- and I really think I should
I hope that you'll enjoy it and think
"Gosh, that was bloody good!!"


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