Mondave Bespoke Services

We have been helping people with computer services since 1998. Most people that come to us have little or no idea how to proceed with making a website, altering a picture, making a logo, editing sound/music etc. So we steer them in the right direction or do it for them. A modern computer can do amazing things as we know you are aware. The only trouble is that it can take so long to learn how to use the fantastic software that is available. You can just do so much.

This is just a hobby so there is only a charge to cover expences if any that are incurred. Example:- paying for a domain name and hosting package or getting video/music coppied to CD/DVD. You get the idea. We are always glad to help with anything, like removing your mother inlaw from your favorite wedding photo ... or even adding her. 

About us

Before and after photo editing

Below - Adding to a photo

Below - Restoring an old photos

Logo Designs

Below - Old web site screen shots